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Our Crew

Jim McTasney, Leiza Morales and River McTasney (River had no choice, he kinda got drug along for the ride.) created Rattlesnake Racing in 1999.  River has been involved in outdoor sports and recreation since he was three and Jim and Leiza have a combined 50 years experience in outdoor recreation.  


Rattlesnake Racing primarily focused on working with private ranches and state parks hosting Adventure Races from 1999-2010.  Jim, Leiza and River traveled world wide racing and hosting events.  Jim and Leiza along with numerous other scout leaders provided their skills, knowledge and equipment to take boys and girls on outdoor adventures most students never experience.  While those were fun years, we are revamping Rattlesnake Racing to Rattlesnake Racing Adventures. Keeping our adventures close to home on Lake Stamford and L and N South Paint Creek Ranch.  Come join us for a fun adventure.  We have access to Lake Stamford and 350 primitive acres.  It's a new start with exciting ideas being brought to life.  

We are all three graduates of Texas A&M University. 

Jim McTasney '92 Electrical Engineering

Leiza Morales '92 Animal Science

River McTasney '17 Construction Science

We look forward as a team to bring new adventures and outings to our small West Texas community.  Join us for an afternoon, day or weekend.  


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