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Wagyu Beef

Is the Beef Organic?

Antibiotic free? Hormone Free? I’ll answer to the best of my ability. Full disclosure I have an Animal Science degree from Texas A&M and have started my ranch to table Wagyu beef program three years ago on a very small scale. I have researched the best way to feed out these type of beef and harvested my first beef in July 2023. This beef was grain fed and grain finished. Meaning this steer was weaned and immediately put on a grain fed diet with coastal hay. He was fed for 14 months and hot hanging weight was 970 pounds. His weaning weight was 415 pounds. Wagyu are slow growers and fairly inefficient feed converters therefore require more time on feed to reach appropriate slaughter weight and marbling. This makes them quite expensive to feed out and part of why Wagyu beef is more expensive.

As for my beef being fed organic feed, no. My beef are not fed organic feed. Yes, you can feed organic feed made with organically grown corn and grain but it is two to three times as expensive as non-organically grown feed with GMO corn and cotton seed. I have put links to GMO feeds and information below. It is safe and economical to feed non-organic feed and much more economical making my beef safe and affordable. 


As for antibiotic free, all beef sold to you that is state inspected or USDA inspected is antibiotic free. All beef even if given antibiotics must have a withdrawal period before the animal is sent for harvest. A rancher can claim antibiotic free and never given antibiotics as long as the animal never received antibiotics. My calves are antibiotic free at harvest. I do not feed a feed mix with antibiotics and do not give my calves antibiotics unless they are sick and will die or be unhealthy if the animal does not receive the antibiotics. If any of my animals receive antibiotics the animal will not enter the food supply chain until the withdrawal period has been met. 

Hormone free? Most foods plants and animals have hormones. It is a natural occurring chemical in the body. Do I give my calves hormone implants to improve feed conversion efficiency? No. My calves are not given hormone implants. 

I will have beef available for purchase in the Summer 2024 for $8.50 per pound hot hanging weight. Beef will be sold by the whole, half and quarter. I will also have beef individually vacuum packaged and frozen for sale by the package. Call or text Leiza at 940.256.0769

1/4 Beef available May 23, 2024

1/4 available or packaged cuts available 



On the left is one of your strip steaks. On the right is a strip I got from Moinkbox. Both seasoned the same. Both sous vide for 90 minutes at 138.5 degrees. Both perfect medium rare. Yours was the winner hands down. Like meat butter. I thank you, my family thanks you, and the entire carnivore world should thank you

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