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Making people smile has been my job for over 20 years. You may not be smiling during the race but it has always been my goal to create an experience a racer will remember and make an impact on their life. I’m proud many friendships have been created and curated for a lifetime. Rattlesnake Racing races have always been about quality not quantity or BS marketing. We do our best to deliver more than a racer’s expectations. Our adventure racing family is and always will be a precious part of our life. Over the years I have received thank you notes, cards, emails and gifts. I keep them and treasure the words of appreciation. Jim and I have worked extremely hard over the years building our brand and creating a way to bring joy and a smile to racers and teams. I took a break for a few years, but bringing back the RRRC ‘21 was an absolute joy and brought back my sense of purpose; entertain and challenge racers so they can feel a huge accomplishment. I love to push people out of their comfort zone and maybe push past a few fears.

After designing, directing and hosting the RRRC ‘21 I immediately started searching for a new venue for a fall race. We are almost through the permitting phase and I am thrilled to announce the Possum Kingdom Rattlesnake Challenge Sprint Adventure Race October 16, 2021. Details coming this week to our website

I’ll post as soon as registration opens so save the date for another great Rattlesnake Racing event.

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