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The Beginning, Always Looking for Adventure!

I a probably seven in this picture with my buddy Will. Will's grandmother lived in Haskell and I don't remember not knowing him and I don't remember a time we were not off doing something adventurous and exciting. Over the years he has broken more bones than me. The bull is Bullyboy and he was an extraordinary bull. He was a producer in the livestock herd, but also a beloved pet. Will and his wife Melinda and Jim and I are still good friends. We do not see each other as often as we would like, but you can bet when we do, it is going to be an exciting time. However, the next time Melinda volunteers me to ride the tandem mountain bike with Will on our mountain bike outing, I will pass and let her enjoy the ride with her husband. The second outing on the tandem mountain bike, Melinda and I both passed and let Jim go with him. Melinda and I did not miss the excitement. We took a different trail and I had a bobcat jump off the side of the hill over my front mountain bike tire. After coming to a screeching halt, Melinda nearly rear ending me, the bobcat turned and stared at us for quite a few minutes. Sorry, before cell phone camera days. In the next blog I will share how Rattlesnake Racing began its journey. I think an adventure business had always been in the plan.

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